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Lake Agnes Tea House Hiking Map

This is one of my most recent personal projects, an illustrated map showing the Lake Agnes Tea House Trail near Lake Louise in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.  We visited Western Canada for three weeks last summer travelling north from Calgary to Jasper via Banff...

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Julie Klassen's Map

Historical Style Mapping for Julie Klassen

With the publication of the latest book by the US author Julie Klassen I can now share the illustrated historical style mapping I designed to accompany her latest novel, ‘The Bridge to Belle Island‘. The brief indicated the rough size, shape and geographical location...

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How to Commission an Illustrator: my process explained

Like most illustrators I’m frequently being asked to quote for commissions. Some requests come from Art Directors and Commissioning Editors who generally come armed with a brief, know all about what to expect, what they want and when they want it. However, many people...

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Illustrated Map Tea Towels

Due to popular demand I’ve finally made time to produce some illustrated map tea towels. The first one features my illustrated map of the British Isles: I didn’t just want to stop at one tea towel so I’ve also designed a couple more.  One...

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Illustrated Cat Prints and Wholesale Catalogue

When I’m not drawing maps I also like to draw other things…..such as cats. Above you can see three new Silky inspired illustrated cat prints.  You can buy all three cat prints as a set or individually in my online shop.   This is a...

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illustrated board game detail

Illustrated Board Game for UK Power Networks

Welcome to my latest and the first Blog post of 2019 which finds me in much reduced circumstances. I’ve had to relocate out of my office to another part of the house because of building work. Towards the end of 2018 I was commissioned...

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