Waddeson Manor Illustrated Visitor Map

Client: Waddesdon Manor NT

Waddesdon Manor NT commissioned me to design a new illustrated visitor map as a follow up to a successful project I completed for them in 2018 where I designed a Mindfulness map of the Waddesdon estate.  

The brief I was set for the project was that the illustrated visitor map should be:

  • easy to use and follow, 
  • delivered in a flexible format so it could be edited in-house,
  • highlight key assets in a visually engaging way and
  • be designed for use as an A1 size signage as well as for use as smaller, printed maps and online. 

The existing map needed to be updated and modernised not only to be more visually appealing to users but also so elements on the map such as walking routes, text and icons could be turned on and off in house depending on their availability.  The estate was also very keen to emphasise more of the surrounding grounds and to link in local countryside walks more than the existing visitor map did.

I designed the map to be easily editable with each map element, including icons and text fully labelled.

As part of the project I also provided a teaching session with supporting documentation to help the in house team manage their mapping requirements going forward.

Waddesdon signage visitor map
Waddesdon visitor map
Waddesdon walking map
Waddesdon visitor map - Tay Bridge
Waddesdon Manor visitor map