Illustrated Fictional Maps

Client: Julie Klassen for Baker Publishing

I was commissioned to design 3 illustrated fictional maps to accompany novels by the author Julie Klassen.

The brief was that the illustrated fictional maps should all be in a English historical style to fit in with the time and places the novels were set as well as being easy to use. Each map was included in it’s corresponding novel to help orientate the reader to the local area in which the story was set.

Map designed for ‘The Inn Keeper of Ivy Hill’
Julie Klassen - Belle Island map
Map designed for ‘The Bridge to Belle Island’
Julie Klassen - sidmouth map
Map designed for ‘The Sisters of Sea View’

In addition to designing these 3 greyscale maps to be included in Julies novels, I was also later commissioned by Baker Publishing to design a map as a personal gift for Julie.

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