Illustrated Board Game Map

Client: UK Power Networks

The Propeller Design Agency commissioned me to design an illustrated board game map for their client UK Power Networks

The intention behind the board game design was that it would be used as part of UKPN’s internal training.

The brief for the illustrated board game map was that it:

  • had to fully reflect the diverse activities & responsibilities of UKPN as a company.
  • It was also very important that the game was suitable for a large number players. This meant that the design needed to work at a large scale and be usable from all sides.

The final board game measured 1.5 x 1.5 metres. I designed the board game illustration so it could be viewed at the same time, from all four sides for multiple players.

For more pictures please see my Board game blog post.

UKPN Illustrated board game map
UKPN illustrated map board game