Lands’ End Marketing map of Door County, Wisconsin

Client: Lands’ End Clothing

I was commissioned by Lands’ End Clothing to design an illustrated map of Door County, Wisconsin, USA to be used as part of a marketing campaign.  Door County is a tiny peninsula bordered by Lake Michigan on the western side of Wisconsin, USA.  The brief for the design was that the map would highlight key places and activities that related to Lands’ End origins. 

The completed map design was used in the Lands’ End Autumn catalogue.  It was also used as part of an promotional feature to win a holiday to Door County as part of the Lands’ End anniversary year.  The completed map also featured in the Lands’ End retail look book & in promotional blog posts.

The final map was supplied to the client in two languages, English & German so it could be used for marketing across both of their main client bases.

Landsend promotional illustrated map of door county
Landsend wisconsin map