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Illustrated Campus Map

Client: Foundation for International Education (FIE), London

Commission Objectives:

To design an illustrated map of the FIE West London Campus to be used on promotional materials and brochures. At the same time FIE also commissioned to design a much larger and more detailed version of the map to be printed and hung on a stretched canvas for display in their offices. The maps are both geographically accurate and feature many details of the FIE Campus including their student housing as well as their study centres and recommended places of interest.

"From the beginning, Bek took on our specially commissioned map projects with enthusiasm. Even though the initial ideas we provided were a bit out there and not exactly anything she had done before, Bek fully grasped what we were hoping to achieve and worked with us to create two gorgeous pieces. We really appreciated Bek’s keen eye and expertise on layout, colour, printing, and size to help guide us in the process of having a custom map printed on a large canvas. Her flexibility allowed us to make multiple changes to our digital map as our needs changed throughout the artwork phase. We have received rave reviews and look forward to showcasing these works of art to our staff, students, and colleagues."
Aimee Gilbert Director of External Communication, Coordinator of Marketing & Outreach

FIE canvas

Following on from the success of the original commission FIE recommissioned me to design a similar map for their new Dublin Campus.

FIE Dudlin Campus

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