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British Cartographic Society/Google UK Election Competition

4th July, 2015

Despite being busy, busy, busy as usual I managed to squeeze in some time to enter the UK 2015 General Election mapping competition run jointly by the British Cartographic Society and Google.



The competition is a one-off award for 2015 to recognise one of the most mapped events of the year. Preference will be given to online mapping, but I thought I'd do my bit for more traditional map-making - ie drawn by hand rather than produced using a GIS (Geographical Information system).

You never know, that trophy could still come my way......

Links I've Loved Reading

30th June, 2015

blog.jpgHere is a list of some of the helpful links I've been reading over the last few weeks. They aren't all written recently, but they are all useful:

What price to use when talking to retailers - The Design Trust

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The Folksy Charts 2014 - Folksy

10 Colour Secrets top designers Swear by - Laura Busche

The Do’s And Don’ts of Infographic Color Selection - Ryan McCready

Simple tips for avoiding working or lower quality clients - Paul Andrew

If you have any articles that have inspired you recently I've love to know.